Free Phones!

Less than two weeks left to signup for our VOIP service to get free phones with your order! Order any new VOIP service and get a free phone with your order*. Save money by getting a free quote with us today! Have any questions? Call us!

Stay ahead

Messy Network

Why is it so expensive to repair a computer or fix a network? Why does it cost and arm and a leg to hire someone to do these tasks? Because reaction is always worse than proactive. If you are always late to the party, there is nothing left. If you are proactive about your IT […]

Computer Woes

We see all kinds of clients. There are small businesses everywhere. From trucking companies, to doctors offices, to other IT companies. We have multiple services that we offer. We aim to accomodate any market that needs our services the most. Broken computer? We can fix it. Got a virus? We’ll remove it. Older computer? We […]

Help us help you

cracked device fix it

We now have a self-service portal. At the top of our website, under “Portal” click “Self Service” to go to our step by step wizard. This wizard will help us narrow down and find the right fix for your device. This guide currently encompasses phones and tablets. We will soon be moving to reflect desktops, […]

Computer Snow-ness

Snowy Slowness

Computer or network feeling slow during the holidays? Let us take a quick look and give you a diagnosis. Call us today for a quick assessment. Remember, we offer managed services to assist you and your business to help make life easier. It’s the holiday time, so let us take care of your IT needs […]

Upgrade your phone system!

Today, most forms of sales and communications rely heavily on voice. Have you checked what system actually runs your phones? Do you have dropped calls, outages, or terrible voice quality? Never miss a note again. Upgrade your system to an HD VOIP phone system. We offer many types of solutions that will tailor to your […]

Find out what meets your needs

If you have ever wondered what exactly you need in order to be successful and maintain IT infrastructure, we can help. Let’s have a moment here. What’s the bottom line to keeping your computers and networks going? Basic maintenance. Three easy things to remember: Dust: More-so than anything else, keep dirt, dust, and debris away […]