Managed IT

Reliable and affordable computer and network management. Nationwide computer services now available. We even offer international support in Español, Deutsche, and Français.

We can take care of your IT needs with our constant monitoring and quick response solutions. Our method is simple, log issues and maintain the systems, then give a monthly report of status to you, the customer.

We offer the following services:

    • Monitoring; We’ll record outages, hardware issues, network issues, as well as service records. Take that inventory audit!
    • Patch Management;  Install the latest updates for your system, or just the ones that you require and leave out all the rest. Customize updates to meet your needs. Another win against obsolete, keep up-to-date!
    • Network mapping; Get a detailed report on inventory on your network, and we’ll even put it into a neat and pretty outline for your record. Graphs and charts, let’s get crackin’!
    • Anti-virus/Malware;  Give it a go and keep moving forward without the hectic worry of infection. Malicious files and emails deflected. Hurray, danger avoided! Keep on-top of your security.

Are you a small group or one-man IT department for a company? Got a few customers but need assistance? We can help! Use the power of additional technology and personnel to push forward and resolve your customer requests and keep on winning! We offer outsourcing IT services to anyone who needs a helping hand.

  • Outsourced IT! Use our software to gain the upper hand on support requests. Push to our ticketing system to let us intervene and our techs will resolve the problem remotely.
  • Helping-hands! Use our techs to complete your workload on-site.