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Do you know some of the common types of #ransomware and what to do in the event you encounter it? We can help you #stopransomware. http://cache.amp.vg/datto-content.amp.vg/view/cywrtvwgrl588/636912348561689807?userid=b1oay6rstexj5
IT pros say there’s a lack of cybersecurity training across businesses worldwide. This is putting your data in jeopardy. Don’t be another statistic. Contact us today. #stopransomware
As an IT Service Provider, we are the guardians of your IT. Contact us and reduce your business risk by putting complex tasks into the hands of experts. #ITpro
5 types of social scams your employees need to know about: phishing, baiting, quid pro quo, pretexting and tailgating. Define each with our helpful guide here. http://cache.amp.vg/datto-content.amp.vg/view/b0kjqpeydvdwz/636908881726673698?userid=b1oay6rstexj5

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