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You have probably already heard about the recent incident with Amazon’s cloud services. If you haven’t, a brief overview is that the large cloud provider had a glitch which took thousands of websites down or to the slow crawling breaking point. Many businesses use cloud services to sustain uptime and availability at a high cached speed. The cloud services from Amazon offer an affordable solution for those looking to turn to the cloud for scalability or uptime. What happens when this link breaks?

Well, you have to look at it from an outside perspective. A customer visits website A, which is hosted locally only or on a non-cloud based hosting provider. The website could possibly be slower than most and in case of an outage, could go fully down and dark or have data loss. Now, if a customer visits Website B, which is hosted only in the cloud, then you might think that it would have outstanding uptime, speed, and reliability. Looking at it from a business-side, you could be losing a lot of money. Option 3 is a website hosted both locally and in the cloud, which gives the option of best reliability. It would prevent catastrophic failure of full downtime. It is a bit more expensive, but guaranteed to keep your website and content delivered to your customers.

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