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petya attack

Do you run a business? No? How about owning a home computer with hundreds of memories in the form  of pictures and videos? Ransomware is on the rise. Petya just diminished the shipping/logistics giant, Maersk. A week of installing over 45,000 desktop computers, 2,000 servers, and over 2,500 software applications. All of which took many hours to reconfigure and restore operations. For about a week, Maersk and its employees processed every transaction and tag of freight by hand. An effort nothing short of a miracle. This fallout cost Maersk about 300 million dollars in lost time and equipment.

The question is now; Could this have been avoided? Maybe not. But, the time to regain control of systems and get back online could have been saved. The solution? A simple backup. Really? That’s it? Yes, that is all it takes. Simply backing up your data to an external device or off-site data storage hub could have been the world of difference. In the case of Maersk, keep the systems up to date and patched is a whole issue of its own. Updates and backups for a business, or even a personal computer, go a long way.

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