Amazon Rate Hike


Sourced from LinkedIn Article:

Amazon announced that it is increasing the price of its Prime membership from $99 to $119 per year. The change will be implemented on May 11. Amazon Prime, which allows users to have 2-day shipping on products and a number of other benefits like access to its streaming service, has over 100 million members. On Thursday, Amazon beat earnings expectations, doubling its profit and sending its shares to near record levels in after hours trading.

Its not hard to believe that Amazon is raising its cost once again. The new Amazon Prime membership packages will be $119 per year, about a $20 increase. Though most people use Prime for its ease of use in finding items and the discounted shipping or free 2-Day shipping, its hard to see the rest of its value. The Amazon Prime Video & Music selections are very limited. You have a mix of things to watch and listen to, but for full access to those, you have to pay an additional cost to rent movies or shows, or $9.99 for Amazon Prime Music Unlimited.

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