Hurricane Florence


We’ve all seen it on the news and all over social media. Hurricane Florence is as Category 4 hurricane with destruction coming down its path. The true power from the storm comes not just from the winds, but the water and flooding it brings. Charleston is only 20 feet above the water level. In times of a power outage, the pumps do not drain enough water away. A regular rainstorm brings heavy flooding to Charleston and the surrounding areas. Be sure to prepare for water now before it is too late.

What about your business? Is it protected? Are all of your devices powered off, off the floor, and locked away? If they are not, its not too late. Power off your devices to prevent a power surge to them. Get them off the floor to prevent water from getting to them and destroying them. Lastly, lock them away if possible, last year’s Hurricane Matthew brought in a lot of thieves to the area stealing from unoccupied residences and businesses.  Above all, be sure your critical data and information is backed up off-site. Need help? We can provide off-site backup services to people in any at-risk for a hurricane zone. Get your data prepared and off-site as quickly as possible.

As always, be safe.

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