In-House or Outsource?


When do you outsource your IT? Do you currently have an IT department? Is it only 9 to 5? Do you only have one or two people in your IT Department? Well, most of these questions pertain to a lot of small and medium businesses. Why is that? Cost? That can’t be right, HR has to hire people, which costs money. The average salary for an IT Support Technician, Level 1/2 is going to be around $40,000-$60,000. On top of that, the company has to pay the taxes for said employee(s) and then bonuses if any, as well as limit the number of hours. But, wait, what if they are sick? That’s time away from the job and then work backs up. The other person can’t keep up the work for two people.

This is a common problem that we see all the time. Why do you need an outside IT company to take care of everything? We have multiple technicians, training, experience, availability, and reliability. We are available 24/7/365. Can your helpdesk do that? On top of that, we have special software and tools to help us keep track of and maintance your hardware. But, you had to pay for your software didn’t you? We’ve got it covered. Why pay more for less? We can take over for your IT department and keep fires from starting by preventing and resolving issues before they arise. Contact us today for a custom quote!

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